How to install KDE on Ubuntu 10.04 ?


The name KDE was intended as a word play on the existing Common Desktop Environment, available for Unix systems. It was supposed to be an intuitively easy-to-use desktop computer environment. The K was originally suggested to stand for “Kool”, but it was quickly decided that the K should stand for nothing in particular – thus the KDE acronym expanded to “K Desktop Environment”. Additionally, one of the tips in certain versions of KDE 3 incorrectly states that the K currently is just meant to be the letter before L in the Latin alphabet, the first letter in the word Linux (which is where KDE is usually run).

Steps for Installing KDE desktop in Ubuntu 10.04

Step 1

Open Synaptic Package Manager – Go to  System  -> Administration -> Synaptic Package Manager

Step 2

Use QUICK SEARCH and search for “kde desktop”

Step 3

Before selecting the KDE package you should have a clear idea whether you want to use kde as a primary desktop or secondary or just for testing. In first case select “kde” otherwise you can go for “kde -minimal” or “kdebase”

Step 4

Check the box by selecting Mark for Installation

Step 5

Apply the changes. It will ask you for other dependent packages. Click “Yes” and continue. It will take time to install the kde package depending on your connection bandwidth.

You are done, KDE is Installed in your desktop ! Logout the current user and go to login page.Enter user name and password, Select Desktop as KDE from the bottom Drop down list (By Default it will be GNOME). Enjoy your KDE Desktop 🙂


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