Ubuntu Developer Day

Ubuntu Developer Day

Ubuntu Developer Day
Ubuntu Developer Day was the largest event in Bangalore in 2011 that focuses on getting developers productive on the Ubuntu platform that is growing in popularity every day. With keynote speeches from various members of the Canonical team, as well as hands-on technical sessions it is designed to deliver a great way for any developer to rapidly get up-to-speed on Ubuntu.

Me and my friend Gyani at Ubuntu Developer Day India 2011 coverage by Beyond Beat, Evening new paper.


* How Canonical works with developers
* The opportunity for ISVs
* The Ubuntu cloud-computing proposition
* How to code successfully with Ubuntu
* and much more…:-)

After a long wait i got Pics from Mr.Gyani. I heard of Ubuntu Developers day through ILUGC Mailing List. That day itself got registered for the event, it was free. One day before the event we got a text message as a reminder saying that the registrations would start at 8:15am and the sessions would start at 9 am.

I was not sure to reach there at time, Arrival time of my train was 8:30am. Got a prepaid auto rickshaw from railway station to Leela Palace where the event was scheduled. I went along with gyani my friend, after getting ID cards we went to have breakfast. We moved into conference hall to get good seats, the crowd was BIG (Around 350)!

John Bernard from Canonical was hosting the event and we started with Prakash Advani. There were people from Sri Lanka, Himachal Pradesh, Kerala, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad and elsewhere..

Most of the people were Ubuntu users. John started with the Discover Ubuntu commercial. Jon Melamut’s Keynotes about what’s the future and client Roadmap was Interesting.

Then came Dipankar Sarma from IBM’s Linux Technology Center talked about the work IBM has been doing in Linux platform. The talk was at the Kernel Level, I was not that much comfortable for that.

After tea break we had an interesting talk about developing touch friendly applications on Ubuntu by Chase Douglas from Canonical.

Developing applications for the cloud by Nick Barcet was one of my favourite session at UDD. I got a chance to talk to Nick at the time of lunch break, It was great to see the work Canonical has been doing in the cloud and server.

Everyone got a bag which had T-shirt, pen, Ubutu 10.10 CD, Ubutu stickers, Ubutu diary and few of the handouts about Unity.

Finally, we had a wrap up from Prakash and the audience started trickling out. Myself and gyani left the Venue around 7pm 🙂


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